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Confidence CTF 2019

WatchmenSo first glance at this binary, I noticed that it is a windows binary (ewww!) so that was kinda annoying. I also took a quick glance at the code, I saw some sort of assembly instructions (did


I competed in TAMUCTF as part of team dcua. Because this was a week long competition, by the end of it, basically many teams tied in terms of score, but we managed to get all the challenges the fastes

HXP CTF Writeups

So I just competed in HXP CTF with team dcua. Our team ended up fourth, which was pretty nice stuff. There were a few fun challenges, including the wreckme2 challenge, which I will discuss later on.

ASISCTF Finals 2018

So I competed ASIS CTF Finals 2018 as part of team dcua. It was a nice experience even though I personally was able to really tackle one problem: Light Fence. (I also helped with other problems, but t

Google CTF Writeups

So I just competed in Google CTF. Unfortunately, I was only able to solve one problem within the competition, but I think this problem is a very interesting, and it is worth discussing about it! KeyGe