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Terminals are cool!

Terminals are cool! There's no doubt about that... and even if you are not a seasoned CTF player, if you have really played with any Linux distribution, you would've known the ubiquity of the

Reflection I

Wow. It's been a while since I said anything here. Probabably because right after the internship, I entered a rather busy semester at college. Much busier than I have thought. Much busier than th

i3 Windows Manager

i3 is a pretty windows manager. I think it's a pretty cool add-on considering how frequent I like to use terminal (and would like to streamline my terminal usages to other GUI stuff like web-brows

How to run an 'undetectable' program

Daemons and ProcessesWhat is a daemon? It is a running background process used in Unix to run services. These typically are not attached to a terminal, and will keep running even when users are logged