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How I wrote a "hypervisor" for defcon ctf

(Full writeup coming out soon) Here's a story of how I wrote a very simple "hypervisor" for defcon ctf, or at least emulate a kernel mode code so that I can debug. ProblemI wanted to be

Terminals are cool!

Terminals are cool! There's no doubt about that... and even if you are not a seasoned CTF player, if you have really played with any Linux distribution, you would've known the ubiquity of the

CSAW Finals Reflection

Hey everyone! I just came back from a long 36-hour CSAW ctf finals competition, competing as dcua. First of all I would like to explain why this competition is quite a special and unique experience.

Reflection I

Wow. It's been a while since I said anything here. Probabably because right after the internship, I entered a rather busy semester at college. Much busier than I have thought. Much busier than th

Week 9!

Wow! It has been quite a while here in Taiwan. It looks like I am nearing the end of my internship. In fact, I have only two days left (today, and tomorrow) before my internship comes to an end. Okay

Week 6 and 7

Wow! It's already been seven weeks being here in Taiwan, (I did a bit of calculations because I could not believe it at first). Seriously, time does fly when you aren't paying attention. Also

Week 5

Yay! I have now gone through another week. This week has been quite hectic. On Monday I received an email outlining some of the supervisor's requirements. From the looks of the email, he wants som

Week 3 and 4

I have not wrote a post for a week now. Hmm... well I guess I will just update what happens now. So just last week (on Tuesday) I made my first actual presentation in front of the manager. Preparing

Setting up this blog!

From the last few months, I have decided to write some blog posts (using markdown) so to document some of the stuff that I've been working on. Previously I have placed it in this github repository

Week 2

So this is week 2 of this intern! Yay! So this week I continued to work on figuring out this afl fuzzing thing. The flopped presentations...This Tuesday, I again attended the presentation meeting for