Binary Hands-on Supplementary

This is a supplementary material for a class. (A work in progress) From dynamic analysis to doing some low level debugging, gdb will be your friend when it comes to debugging linux binaries. I would s

Kernel Blues, or Why x86 Is So Convoluted

PrefaceThis weekend I casually played a CTF hosted by UIUC, and spent most of my time on their kernel challenge. First I'd like to commend @ravi for such a well written kernel challenge, it was q

0ctf19 Finals

Hello so recently I have competed in 0ctf alongside a huge collab group of Perfect Blue, Sice Squad, Galhacktic Trendsenders, and RPISEC on team U+1F914. This was a pretty fun collab, and for the most

How I wrote a "hypervisor" for defcon ctf

(Full writeup coming out soon) Here's a story of how I wrote a very simple "hypervisor" for defcon ctf, or at least emulate a kernel mode code so that I can debug. ProblemI wanted to be

Confidence CTF 2019

WatchmenSo first glance at this binary, I noticed that it is a windows binary (ewww!) so that was kinda annoying. I also took a quick glance at the code, I saw some sort of assembly instructions (did


Last weekend I competed at UTCTF with team dcua (or at least representing dcua, as this was only open to American university students, and up to 5 people). Wow. UT has it's own CTF now! Woot. Now


I competed in TAMUCTF as part of team dcua. Because this was a week long competition, by the end of it, basically many teams tied in terms of score, but we managed to get all the challenges the fastes

Terminals are cool!

Terminals are cool! There's no doubt about that... and even if you are not a seasoned CTF player, if you have really played with any Linux distribution, you would've known the ubiquity of the

HXP CTF Writeups

So I just competed in HXP CTF with team dcua. Our team ended up fourth, which was pretty nice stuff. There were a few fun challenges, including the wreckme2 challenge, which I will discuss later on.

ASISCTF Finals 2018

So I competed ASIS CTF Finals 2018 as part of team dcua. It was a nice experience even though I personally was able to really tackle one problem: Light Fence. (I also helped with other problems, but t