My Internship in Taiwan

Hello from Taiwan! I think I will decide to document this 2-month Taiwan internship that I will be embarking, for both educational and for my own purpose of reflection. Later on, I may decide to publish these if I see fit. So this will be the first such post; I have been here for about a day, and immediately, I think there are two things that really stick out to me: a) here in Taiwan, it is very hot and humid! It is definitely not something that happens in Dallas, where it can be hot but usually pretty dry. I've also noticed that Taiwan has actually a lot of strict regulations, unlike back in Texas; I will not go into much depth here.

I have not yet started interning (I start next Monday), but I still do not know what to expect particularly because of the language barrier there (even though I sorta understand and speak Chinese, my Chinese compared to those native speakers is pretty crap and bad... so I will probably have to communicate primarily in English as I try to improve in the Chinese language.

I do not know what to expect for the next two months, whether it would be enjoying or not, or even what the work experience will be like (it supposedly is related to cybersecurity, so will be intereting?) Oh well, I will be signing off until then.