Week 5

Yay! I have now gone through another week. This week has been quite hectic. On Monday I received an email outlining some of the supervisor's requirements. From the looks of the email, he wants some sort of "smarter" fuzzing algorithm than the current AFL fuzzer (the AFL fuzzer is too undeterministic.)

First thing I think I needed to do is basically research if there were any previous fuzzing approaches that were done. I quickly realized that many of these fuzzing techniques not only did not provide any source code, but also did NOT provide any sort of working program to work with! It really limits my knowledge of the fuzzers to just what the paper has to say about it.

So for the last few days, I have been scrambling to read up on various techniques in fuzzing, comparing them to the AFL fuzzer; at the same time I'm also trying to comptemplate at the back of my head which algorithms will work will with the current AFL fuzzer infrastructure. Well here is my report for the records.

I was actually very uncertain whether if I would finish up my presentation or not. On Thursday, I realized how I was not even close to finishing this report, and I only had one day left, really, to finish it up, (I also am getting ready to do that Google CTF happening this weekend, whooop!) Luckly, today, I was able to finish it up and not have to worry about it over the weekend. Anyways, I'm pretty hyped about Google CTF, also because this time, I am working with a few other teammates who are also pretty competant with binaries (so that I'm not working alone in binary exploitation/reversing, as it is usually the case). Maybe I might write a post or two (or maybe write-ups) for this Google CTF afterwards. Well we'll see until then ;)

Later and later...

Well another (more personal) development that has been occurring is that I realized that I have been sleeping later and later. I've realized some of the familar delaying of my sleep cycle that ravaged during my first year of college is occurring right now. Currently, I am sleeping at around 12-1 AM, but I also have to wake up at around 7:40 AM to get ready for my work. I realize that puts me at around 7-8 hrs of sleep each day, which is hardly enough, and also that is showing up in the earlier hours (I find myself dozing off early in the morning because I just didn't get enough sleep). Oh well I guess it's time to do some sort of adjustments with that sleep time.